Quality at the VA

The VA hospitals were under pressure from the top of the organization to increase the number of patients who could be seen within 30 days.   The VA employees quickly rigged a system to make the charting look like people were being seen timely when they actually weren’t.  Yes, one way to improve quality of care is to cook the books.

There is intense pressure to make changes like this because there are countless regulations that flow downhill from the bureaucracy.  Many of the regulations are silly and almost all are burdensome to an organization and ultimately result in compromising care rather than improving it.  Fudging the numbers and making something look different on paper is unfortunately common.

3 thoughts on “Quality at the VA

  1. If this is so bad, why do the people do it in the first place? Can’t they see that it is wrong?

  2. Very interesting, but you need to give some sort of proof or else people who don’t know you will think you’re biased and they won’t take you seriously.

  3. Having lived through the “VA” medical system and still am, the doctors comments are spot on. I had my knee drained at Dr.Ryans facility, a procedure that would have taken weeks at best, all the while missing work and being unable to walk it was so bad. Two days later I worked 11.5 hrs.
    After a very, very seriously neurological misdiagnosis at the VA (all documented) for 10 months. I have zero faith in the system. None. The only thing I can say it it is better than nothing.(maybe).

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