Articles and blogs will be coming sometime,  but you should be cautious about these:

Flu shots- they hardly do any good and there aren’t any long-term studies on their benefit.  In fact, there is one study showing that getting a Flu shot one year makes you more likely to get the Flu the next.  Do we really need 60 or more flu-shots in our lifetime? Makes no sense.  By the way, with all these vaccines, why is the incidence of annual Flu never going down?  And did you know that Flu reports to CDC is actually based on what they call “Influenza-Like-Illness” and not actually the Flu.  What is “Influenza-Like-Illness?”  It is a fever, headache and cough.  A cold qualifies and we get those a lot in the winter for a lot of reasons.

Statins (Cholesterol pills)- they lower cholesterol, yes, but have side effects and minimal benefit, even if you have a heart attack.

Annual Physical- these are not helpful.  There are a few screening tests that I recommend, but basically if you are under 50, don’t go to the doctor unless you are having a problem or there is a family history of breast cancer or colon cancer.

ADHD- doctors are guilty for prescribing stimulants to normal children (mostly boys) who are usually bright and bored at school.  They often have not learned or been taught some basic disciplines and expectations of life.

Psychotropic medications for kids are dangerous and destructive.  I think it is very wrong to put children on some of the dangerous medications that are commonly prescribed.  I have seen psychiatrists prescribe medications like Risperdal, Seroquel, Clonidine, Adderall and Zoloft to children.  Some young children are on all these at the same time.  These dangerous medications are usually prescribed by a medical doctor with poor communication skills who spends less than 5 minutes with the patient.  If your children are taking these medications, please get a second opinion from someone with common sense.

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