The high cost of healthcare in this country is largely because we have too much insurance, not too little.  With”insurance” the patient (consumer) is separated from knowing the cost of their healthcare (product) and this separation removes a lot of healthy marked forces that are necessary to keep prices reasonable.

Not only that, but when doctors accept insurance payments they are quickly burdened with a lot of extra work like filing paperwork, dealing with insurance companies, getting authorizations, learning weird diagnosis codes, making phone calls and managing literally dozens of other distractions that frustrate the doctor’s ability to tend to the patient.  These impede good care.

In order to pay for the computers, phone lines, office space and staff just to manage the insurance payments,  the doctor has to have high fees or see a high volume of patients.

Removing insurance from the equation allows the patient-care process to become much more simple and less expensive. Look here and here for examples.

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2 thoughts on “NO INSURANCE HERE

  1. Nice post! But I have a couple questions: What exactly does an insurance company do? I never quite understood, even though everybody uses the term. And what does an insurance company do in the scenario above? Thanks!

    1. Great questions Irene! Insurance is something you buy to transfer your risk of a loss to someone else. Insurance companies sell insurance and specialize in calculating the risk of loss to a large group of people. This is how it works: an insurance company collects a relatively small payment (premium) from a lot of people in order to make large payments (compensation) to only a few who have a major loss, like a car accident. Since most people don’t routinely have car accidents, for example, their combined premiums are able to pay for the loss of the person who does have an accident. Health insurance is (at least should be) insurance you purchase to cover against the risk of developing an expensive medical problem. Yet for various reasons “health insurance” is not really insurance anymore. Health insurance is now basically an inefficient and expensive payment system to transfer your premium to your doctor while not giving you the power to make the good choices you would make if you paid your doctor directly with your own money. Thus, health insurance acts a barrier that prevents the free market from working.

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